Let Your True Light Shine

Welcome home!  Thank you for dropping in.  Those of you visiting for the first time may be wondering what “light energy healing” is and if, or how, it might benefit you.

The energy work I do is based on Shamanic rituals developed by the Inca and informed by contemporary practices.  Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice on the planet and is known to date back to ancient Siberia and and the cradle of humanity- Africa.   Our ancestors knew that we dream our world into being.  When we change our dream of what is possible, we change our future, both individually and collectively.  Often, however, we give up the limitless dreams of our childhood  and take on the conditioning of the messages given by parents, teachers, leaders and especially Madison Avenue.  They are the messages of limitation:  we are not good enough unless, or until, or just because.  These messages live deep in our subconscious and vibrate in our energy field attracting situations that confirm the belief of limitation.  Hence, we develop repeating patterns in our lives that  keep confirming the sense of unworthiness, unloved-ness, ineptness, hopelessness.

The Shaman tracks in the energy field for the original wound that spawned that belief so it can be removed.  This can involve breath work,  soul retrieval, the extraction of intrusive energies, cord cutting, ceremony, and more.  As one recovers lost parts of themselves and lets go of old wounds while learning the gifts and lessons brought by those experiences, patterns shift and life becomes more joyous and fulfilling.  You become “at home” wherever you are.

I invite you to contact me so I can welcome you home to the light that you are.

* Let all the light there is in the universe shine through my heart with the power of the sun. (Rough translation from the Quechua language)


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