Prayer Despachos


A Despacho is a prayer bundle in which items generally including things like flowers, leaves, glitter, candy, play money  are placed on a sheet of paper after blowing prayers into them.  This ceremony is about bringing ourselves back into right relationship (called ayni) with life. These ceremonies are helpful anytime and especially meaningful for  marking transitions such as a new house, letting go of a job or relationship, weddings and funerals.

The bundle is then either burned or buried.  In the case of a wedding despacho, a couple may wish to bury the despacho on their property so that prayers participants have blown into it may release over time.  A despacho can be done remotely or in person.  A wedding or funeral despacho would be in person, however a personal despacho can be done over the phone or remotely.

To inquire about having a despacho please contact me.


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