You have been truly blessed with a gift of healing

When I started seeing a therapist last year, I began to understand that my issues were very deep and I felt strongly that I should see a spiritual healer. This desire for healing lead me to your door. I was not familiar with what a Shaman does and was glad that you explained your work in our very first session. You have a way of making me feel heard and that there was hope for my burdens to be lifted. In fact, many of them have been lifted and cleared for good! You even taught me ways to power through my issues between our sessions.

Words cannot express my gratitude for your gift of healing.  You have helped me so much through a very dark time in my life.

You have been truly blessed with a gift of healing and I for one am eternally grateful.



Jean Fredricks

I pray that you too may experience these gifts

“I am a practical man.  That has been the goal of my long and ongoing spiritual journey.  For decades and I may now say generations, I have sought a solid grounding in the here and now.  Andrea Portenier has been one of my main guides in the art of balancing mind, body and soul right here in the real world.  In this way, she is like all true Shamans I have known, like all the Zen masters under whom I have sat.  Andrea takes me to the deep places within me, where my traumas and blockages and unconscious old contracts lie hidden.  All of this is in service of my everyday life and duties, so that I may walk in grace, strength, truth and joy.  I pray that you too may experience these gifts.  Try it.  It will change everything. ”


Rev. Dr. Michael Boblett MA, M.Div.

I absolutely love her!

I have worked with Andrea on several occasions. I absolutely love her! She is a wonderful
person with allot of knowledge and experience in her practice. Working with her has allowed
me to see things in a different light and I always come away from our sessions with some of her
wisdom and the wisdom of spirit. I am very grateful to have met her and I plan on continuing
my sessions as I move through the different stages of my life. It is an experience I would
recommend to anyone.


Patricia Marrufo
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