Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual practice.  It’s origins seem to be nearly as old as humanity itself.  The basic premise,  no matter if the practice is Siberian, Hawaiian, North or South American or Australian or African,  is that we dream our world into being.  Just as a house needs an idea to be turned into blueprints and eventually built, we build our lives, cultures and economic systems based on deeply embedded ideas that had their beginnings as dreams, some beautiful ones, others not so much.

If we want to change our lives, our culture, our planet, we need to start by dreaming a new dream that is in harmony with creation and its (our) source.

Why would a person seek out shamanic healing?

People seek shamanic healing for all sorts of reasons.   Often, it’s because they’ve tried many things to solve their issue and nothing has worked yet.   The issue may be physical, mental,  emotional, or spiritual.  It generally involves a recurring pattern  like having relationship or money problems.  Whatever leaves you feeling helpless, hopeless or worthless.  When it’s a physical issue the shaman looks for the energetic source of the issue and can help the client discover lessons and make life adjustments to lead a fulfilling life.  It is not a substitute for medical treatment, but a compliment to it.

What goes on during a session?

The shaman will talk with the client about their family history, cultural history, dreams, etc. and  the situation they want to heal.  During the conversation the shaman tracks the client’s energy field for the origin of the issue, whether it’s being abandoned, bullied on the playground, feeling a parent’s disappointment,  sexual trauma or any of the things that can frighten us as a child.   The client will generally lie down and do breath work while the shaman works in their energy field to heal the original wound.  This may involve removing intrusive energies, bringing back soul pieces, gifts and power animals.

What is soul retrieval? 

When we experience trauma, a piece of our essential selves can break off and go somewhere it feels “safe”.  It does not matter if the trauma was real or imagined, especially if this happens as a child when we are dependent on others for our safety.  Missing soul pieces can have us feeling that we are not fully ourselves.   The shaman brings back those lost pieces so we can more fully experience our lives.  to be effective, the soul piece must be ready to come back and the person must be ready to accept and take care of that part of themselves that was lost.  As an example, a soul piece lost during an abusive relationship will not want to hang out with a person who stays in that relationship or accepts abuse in other relationships.

What is a power animal?

A power animal is an energetic ally or helper that assists the client in moving through the challenges they are facing.  Some are permanent allies and others are temporary.  They are always brought in with a soul retrieval and may be brought through taking the client on a journey to find one  for a specific situation.   Once a power animal is accepted by someone, that person should sit and journal about the gifts that animal brings, or do some meditative work with it to see what qualities that animal brings that will be assets going forward.  The same power animal can have different gifts for different people, so it’s not something that is looked up in a book.  Each person’s journey and lessons are unique to themselves.

How many sessions does it take to notice a difference?

Most people notice a difference after one session.  It is not required to book multiple sessions.   All work is done only with client permission.  Many people find multiple sessions helpful in clearing up an issue and a discount is provided if several sessions are paid for in advance.

How confidential is the work?

The work is completely confidential.  I maintain a ministerial license so that anything and everything told to me is covered under that privilege.  And if there are things that a client simply doesn’t want to talk about we can work strictly at the energetic.



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