Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

During a healing session the Shaman tracks in the client’s energy field for the source of the original wound.  Depending on the nature of that wound the shaman may perform a soul retrieval, extract intrusive energies, bring back a power animal to assist the client going forward, or cut cords to old relationships that no longer serve (only with the client’s permission).

Because the work is done on the he energetic level, sessions can be done remotely on the phone using FaceTime or Zoom.

If it is a first session, bands of power and protection will be installed into the client’s energy field.  These are especially helpful when having conversations with difficult people at family gatherings and may also help in situations of physical danger.

There will also be homework to help incorporate the upgrades to the energy field.  This is usually something simple like a fire ceremony.

To book a session, or series of sessions, please contact Andrea.


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