Rites of the Munay Ki

The Munay Ki are nine rites, passed down from the Shaman Elders of Peru, that inform and upgrade our luminous energy field.  These rites are transmitted energetically and so can be passed on remotely.  They help us embody the way of the luminous warrior.  These rites are:

  1. Healer’s Rite- Connects the receiver to a lineage of healers.
  2. Bands of Power and Protection- Puts energetic bands of protection into the recipient’s energy field.
  3. Seer’s Rite- Pathways of light are installed to connect the visual cortex to the third eye and heart chakra, so as to see through the eyes of the heart.
  4. Harmony Rite- Seven archetypal energies, associated with the principles of the chakras, are installed into the  field to help organize and harmonize them
  5. Daykeeper Rite- Connects the recipient to a lineage of those who cared for their communities, those who acted in stewardship with the earth.  It is associated with healing the inner feminine.
  6. Wisdomkeeper Rite-   Associated with timelessness and the healing of the inner masculine, this rite connects the recipient to a lineage of teachers from the past and the future.
  7. Eathkeeper Rite – Connects the recipient with the the stewards of all life on earth, those we call angels, and to the stars.  Perspective of earth shifts from the personal to the global, as if to be from above.
  8. Starkeeper Rite/The Rite of the time to come-  The recipient accepts stewardship of the time to come.  It awakens the Christ/Buddha consciousness.
  9. Spiritkeeper Rite- Awakens out highest nature, our ability to co-create with Spirit and accept responsibility as stewards of all creation.

The first four rites are foundational.  They help the receiver develop the capacity to hold the other five rites.

The rights are given freely to those wishing to receive them, though not all at once and the latter five not until a recipient has received and taken time to practice the first four.

Click here to schedule a free appointment to receive any of the first four rites.

While the rites are given free of charge, the principle of reciprocity still applies.  Rather than accepting payment or gifts for transmitting rites I would request a  donation however small to Smokefree Air For Everyone, a non profit I co-founded to help create smokefree environments.  Click here to learn more and make a donation.

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