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Coyote Karma

Coyotes and Karma

Recently while pulling oracle cards, which I do each week to find a theme on which to reflect, I pulled coyote.  Coyote reminds us to be mindful of where we might be fooling ourselves or may be allowing others to fool us.  Are we trying to sell ourselves on something as hard as telemarketer might if they got us on the phone?  Word of advice- do not answer calls from unknown numbers, if it is important a message will be left, and government agencies use the US Postal Service.

While mulling over what message coyote might have for me, I looked out the window and noticed roadrunner gracing my front patio.  He (or she) has visited since and not being that common around here prompted me to wonder if I had accidentally ordered anything from Acme Anvil (or explosives!).

If you grew up enjoying the Roadrunner cartoons as I did, you will remember that Wile E Coyote was always trying to capture (not sure why) the roadrunner and would devise all manner of schemes to do so.  These schemes involved products such as anvils, explosives, boomerangs, and all sorts of materials which would inevitably fail.  Spectacularly.  Coyote would sometimes find himself at the edge of a cliff which would then break away and he would find himself surprised and peddling empty air.

We can all probably think back to times where we pushed limits with more cleverness than skill thinking maybe we could obtain a desired result and not suffer consequences.  However, consequences are interwoven into all our actions.   What we put out into the world ripples around and comes back, maybe not immediately or not obviously, but it does come back.

This has playing out on the global stage for as long as humans have been existence, but the consequences now are coming more swiftly and with greater severity.   One needs only to look at how the pandemic shut down the entire world for over a year.  A year that was also filled with epic fires (Australia, a whole continent, was burning) floods, and locusts.  Humanity in its greed and quest for domination has decimated rain forests and coral reefs to the point where species are going extinct at a rate not seen in human history, and which is accelerating.   The Western Monarch Butterfly count is down 99% since 1997 when the count began, yet they are still not listed as endangered.  We seem to think that we can keep plowing under habitat and pouring pesticides and fungicides on crops and gardens and somehow not be affected. We think there will appear some magic answer that will bail us out at the last minute and all will be OK.

I could go on almost endlessly, but I think the point is made.  Each choice we make has a consequence.  How is that product we are purchasing made?   Was the person that made it paid a fair wage?  What were the working conditions?  What about the food we choose?  How was it grown?  How is it transported?  How much waste am I creating?  Are my actions towards my fellow citizens on this planet those that elevate or degrade, unite or cause division?  Health or disease?

Each time we make a choice that is not in alignment with the betterment of all, we place an order from acme explosives and step out a little further on that cliff.

Coyote and roadrunner remind me to recommit being ever more diligent in the effort to make conscious choices, knowing that each day without concerted global action we move closer to the edge of that cliff.

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