Eagle Journey

EagleTake a journey with eagle to gain perspective and soar over your obstacles.

Eagle resides in the east of the Inka medicine wheel.  The place of the sunrise and new beginnings.  Once we’ve shed our old stories (serpent), strengthened our emotional center (jaguar) and learned to feed from the sweetness of life (hummingbird), we are ready to soar above it all to a new beginning at the level of eagle.

Eagles are the one of highest flying of the birds, some species able to fly up to 20,000 feet.  Hey can stretch their great wings and soar above it all gaining perspective not available to those of us at ground level.  Even at great heights they maintain the ability to see the finest details and locate the prey that will become lunch.  Their vision is so good we have the metaphor of being “eagle eyed” for someone who never misses the finest details.

Sometimes we need a change of perspective to make the changes necessary to lead a fulfilling life.  Remember how our global perception of ourselves changed when we could see a picture of the earth as viewed from space?  Suddenly we weren’t separate anymore, we were one planet, interdependent on each other for our existence.  When we see the world without the boundaries of countries or politics, our perspective of ourselves and others expands.  With that expansion comes greater peace and openness to new and greater possibilities.

Eagles are also symbols of leadership.  Throughout history many countries have chosen the eagle as a national symbol.  Great leaders are known for their vision and fearlessness.  Qualities that eagles possess.

Does Eagle have a message for you about a bigger picture you may be missing?  Or maybe it’s some resources available to you that are not visible from ground level.  Let’s journey with Eagle to find those answers.

The Journey

Begin by opening Sacred Space and Calling in the four directions.

Think of a situation where you would like clarity.

Go to your sacred garden or a lovely place in nature that you know and find joy.  Call on Eagle to come and speak with you.

Ask Eagle:

Is there a higher perspective from which to see this situation?  Is it as big as I’m making it out to be?

What resources/people are available to me to help?

Is this a situation where I can provide leadership?  If so, how do I do that from a higher level of consciousness?


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