Jaguar cat

Jaguar Journey

A journey with jaguar can help us overcome our fears.

This is not a journey we’ll be taking in a beautiful automobile.  This is a journey with the great cat that resides in the west of the Inca Medicine Wheel.

Once we’ve faced things “the way they are” without emotion in the South with Serpent, we may notice that we have emotions about those “facts”.  Often those are emotions of fear, based on doubt and shame.  Those emotions result in stories where we can lay responsibility outside ourselves and onto “the other”.  These stories become the “reasons” that our life is the way it is and not all that we would want it to be.

Jaguar is a great tracker, a fearless being with the ability to see into the darkness, acute hearing and who can walk silently through the dense jungle.  Just the resources we need to track through our stories to find any self-deceptions that need to be destroyed and replaced with the truth that we are loved and lovable creations of the divine worthy of experiencing the abundance of creation.

Jaguar, when made an ally, can also be a fierce protector.  An energetic resource that can be called on in difficult situations to maintain a centered presence that projects authority and power.

The west is where the sun sets and symbolically, the place beyond death.  Jaguar takes departed souls across the rainbow bridge to that place.  If there is something in your life that needs to be released, you can let Jaguar take it there.

The Journey

First do your centering breath.  If you are not familiar with journeying, please read the post about that.

Drum or rattle until you reach an altered state of consciousness.

Imagine walking out your front door and through a mist into a garden or meadow.  Find a seat and call on Jaguar to come visit you.

Have a conversation with this beautiful animal.  Honor her power and abilities.  Then ask if there is anything she wants to tell you.   What advice does she have so you can befriend her?  Are there any situations in your life that would be best served by approaching with caution?

Visit Jaguar often and make friends so she can be an ally when facing fearful situations.

As you develop your relationship you may travel on her back into the jungles of the subconscious/underworld to the places in ourselves where we don’t want to look.   Often it is best to work with a trained practitioner on these types of journeys, so we don’t get lost and stuck in some scary place.  It is our own subconscious that knows how to hide the things we don’t want to see.

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