Havasu Falls
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Return to Eden

We can return to Eden through the practice of non judgement.

Being out in nature can give you time to reflect and I was blessed on vacation to find this time.

Havasu FallsI’ve often pondered the Sermon on the Mount in times of stress where Jesus asks us to consider the lilies of the field, how they neither toil nor spin, and yet are quite beautiful.  The birds also fly and are provided for.   Yet we struggle and worry.  We judge our situation as acceptable or not.  sometimes compared to an internal standard and sometimes in relationship to what we see others have or are able to accomplish.

Ever notice the beauty of flowers in bloom?  How the dessert comes alive with color in spring after a rain storm?

The poppies and wildflowers do not “try” to bloom.  It’s just what they do.  They are expressing what is in their nature.  They do not “judge” if their bloom is bigger or prettier than another bloom.  They just bloom and provide joy to all who notice them by simply doing what they are made to do.

A hummingbird flies from flower to flower trusting that there will be more flowers along her journey and not staying stuck at the same flower.  Nor does it try to become the flower.  Not does the flower try to become the bird (or a bee or a butterfly).

Both can just be themselves, expressing what the creator gave them to express and both are of service to the other.  The birds feed from the flowers and in so doing pollinate the flowers and spread their seeds.  Both are content.

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