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Hope is Foundational

I have read posts recently from some people whom I regard highly, and who are held in high esteem by the public at large, saying that hope is a useless emotion or way of thinking.  I respectfully beg to differ.  While hope itself is a lousy strategy.  It is the foundation for developing one.

Most of us may have felt hopeless at some point.   That is a very dark place to be.  Hopelessness is a predecessor to self-harm and even suicide.  It takes hope to get through the darkness. The ability to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train, can be the impetus to take that next breath, that next step, the next phone call that sparks a ray of optimism, which is the next layer of the foundation.

Both hope and optimism require that we take some action for there to be the change we would like to see.  We cannot just hope for a fairy god mother to show up, do all out chores, give us a rad new ride and a designer wardrobe.  Nor can it bring peace and prosperity or feed an empty stomach.  All those things require action on our parts.

It is really “wishing” that is the problem.  We may wish a problem would go away, or that we would win the lottery or that somebody would fix “X” problem.

Paul the apostle writes in 1 Corinthians 13 that Faith, Hope and Love are all necessary, and that love is the most important.  This fundamental truth is what makes this chapter of the Bible one of the most beloved and quoted.

From the Shamanic perspective, love is the source of all creation.  LOVE, or Munay in Quechua, is the fundamental organizing principle.  We are to come into balance or “ayni” with all things.  Everything has its place and when we are in right relationship, we have peace and health.  When we understand this, we can HOPE, to find a way to bring that balance into our personal life and the world through right action.  We take those actions and give it over to spirit in FAITH that the right outcome is on its way.  Just remember spirit has a different time frame and you may not get to see the resolution.

So, the next time you are looking for a fairy godmother to solve a problem, go look in the mirror, you’re it.  Know there is hope, or you would not be here, meditate on the loving action to take, move forward and turn it over to spirit.

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