Hummingbird Journey

Hummingbird A journey with hummingbird can help you add sweetness to your life.

The hummingbird resides in the North quadrant of the Inca medicine wheel.  It represents our soul’s journey, living life in trust of our path and taking it from the mundane to the mythic.

This hummingbird, known as Siwar Qinti in the Qechua language, is a tiny bird that make a migration of thousands of miles every year from South America to Canada.  It does this on tiny wings over open water and not asking why it is going or if it is safe or comfortable, or what will be at the end of the journey.

Hummingbirds feed mainly on nectar.  They are great pollinators of flowers, pollinating from 1,000 to 3,000 flowers a day.   They do not get distracted by plants that don’t nourish them.  They can hover over a flower in stillness while their wings are beating furiously and can also back up in flight.   Anyone who’s ever had a feeder or plants that these amazing creatures like, knows they are also quite territorial, even chasing much larger birds away from their favored plant.

Journey with hummingbird to discover where more trust, maneuverability, and more sweetness can bring more beauty into your life.

The Journey

Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.   Keep a journal and pen handy to write down any answers that come.

Open sacred space.

Do your centering breath as described in the post about journeying.

Drum or rattle until you reach an altered state of consciousness.

Imagine walking out your front door and through a mist into a garden or meadow.  Find a seat and call on hummingbird.

Ask hummingbird:

What can you teach me about trusting my journey?

How can I add more sweetness too my life?

Where can I pollinate more sweetness in my life?  How can I add it to other’s lives?

Is there anything I am doing that doesn’t nourish me and I need to let go?

Is there anywhere my life I am too guarded, where I can share more?

Write down any answers you get.

You may want to do this in more than one journey so you make hummingbird an ally on which you can call when you need the medicine of trust and finding the sweetness in life.

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