• Journey

    Shamanic Journeying

    Shamanic journeying is the process that opens the doors between our waking, ordinary reality, and non-ordinary reality so the soul can dialogue with the spirit energies that dwell there to receive help and guidance. Across cultures the landscape of the journey is similar, generally composed of the upper, middle, and lower worlds.  The middle world is considered our ordinary world, where we reside in our day-to-day life.  The lower world contains our subconscious, our old wounds, lost soul parts, and helping spirits that can guide us to those parts of ourselves including gifts and abilities that may have been lost to trauma.   The upper world is similar to what we…

  • Snake

    Journeying with Serpent to Shed the Old

    Journeying with serpent to let go of our old “skins”. Each time we enter a new year there are celebrations to mark the passing of the last one and welcome in the new.  There are resolutions and the hope that the things we did not like about the last year will be washed away and the new year will bring more of whatever it is we feel we lack: money, love, joy, a sense of purpose, or something else. What we fail to realize is that we are taking our old selves into the new year with our same beliefs and behaviors.  Yes, we make resolutions to change behaviors, but…

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